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We are Zsilt and the seaside means the world to us. To make sure it’s full of wonder, not waste, we‘re closing the plastic loop. Together. With industry innovators, kids building their dream sandcastles and everyone in-between: it really is possible. We’re proving it.

Your shampoo bottle makes sandcastles now

Pretty cool right? Zsilt toys are made to stay, pretty much impossible to break. Made from European household plastic waste: from shampoo bottle to scoop and sieve. That’s how those mountains of plastic waste get smaller and our sandcastles get bigger. All that designed and made in the Netherlands.
Even cooler.

Your fantasy rocks

Zsilt toys invite little adventurers to use their imagination and make their own rules. Just how we use ours to imagine a better world – free from waste. Turn bath water into towering waves, bedrooms into Bali and local playgrounds into new kingdoms. We’ll take care of the part where plastic waste is turned into awesome new sustainable toys, for real.

Just imagine...

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