About Wee gallery

Before a baby learns to reach and grab with their hands or crawl and sit-up, their eyes are providing important information and stimulation for their development.

HIGH CONTRAST imagery offers the best opportunity for new-borns to focus on visual stimuli and promotes visual exploration and engagement.
At birth, babies have a small field of view and are attracted by repetitive forms and high contrasting details. Not until 6 months they begin to perceive a more comprehensive vision of objects.

Wee Gallery Art Cards GROW WITH BABY, first as visually appealing shapes, and later as flashcards for object name recognition.

About the designer

Wee Gallery has been established in the US by a sweet couple Surya, graphical designer, and Dave, teacher at a local school, following the birth of their first child.
Driven by Surya’s educational background as a zoologist, they design a whole series of artistic animals designs presented on amongst others educational (art) cards, soft toys and decorative nursery accessories.

Wee Gallery’s scope expanded as they learned along with their first child Sid, and along with his sister Anya, who was born in 2005. The kids are now helping them to choose animals and weigh in on their design. Surya and the kids paint lots of versions and then choose the best ones. They even often travel together to trade shows. Wee Gallery has been great for the family and hope it enriches your family’s life too.

Favorite Products

Art cards for baby - Pets


Art cards for baby - black
and white collection


Art cards for baby -
woodland collection


Art cards for baby - farm