About Way to Play

Unplug and imagine 

We believe that children are explorers and inventors. All it takes to unleash their imagination is a fun challenge. Waytoplay gives children the tools and the space to make up their own game. Encouraging inventiveness, problem solving skills and creativity: essential skills for now and the future. Waytoplay stands for 100% unplugged and offline fun.

Dutch Design. Made in Germany

As a child, inventor and designer Sybren Jelles loved playing with toy cars. Preferably outdoors, with the wind in his hair. After seeing that his son Joep had inherited that passion, he created waytoplay. That was in 2003. Since then, Sybren has joined forces with a state of the art manufacturer in Germany. Creating the unbreakable, weatherproof road set that is waytoplay.

About the designer

From a fun idea and product design in 2003 to a toy design company with worldwide distribution and sales network in 2017. Our story in a nutshell. I am Sybren, waytoplay’s creator and designer. In 2013 my wife Marise and I embarked on a road trip into the unknown world of toys. Before we knew it, we were in overdrive. Together with Lex, distributor, and Stephanie, marketing, we are a solid team. Our kids, Bente and Joep regularly get on board to help out with packaging, events or photography for social media. Our team mirrors our product: compact, reliable and flexible.

The idea for a flexible freeway that can be enjoyed on any surface came to me in a flash. It was a day like any other, in 2003, when suddenly: a lightbulb moment and there it was. I immediately knew that this might actually be something real. My son Joep, crazy about toy cars and playing outside, had his fourth birthday coming up. That gave me a perfect deadline. In 2004 I had a first prototype. A very expensive birthday present, but an immediate hit. For Joep and for me. Waytoplay was ready for the open road.

Way to Play Products

W2P Ringroad (12 parts)


W2P Expressway (16 parts)


W2P Grand Prix (24 parts)


W2P King of the Road (40 parts)


The brand in action