About Ted & Tone

Ted&Tone is a Dutch brand offering a beautiful range of treasures for the home to be enjoyed by small and tall. Each item is a unique creation designed to bring a lovely touch to a space – and a smile to the face.

The collection includes stationery, mobiles, tableware, blankets, wooden lamps, pouches, cushions, bags, wall hooks, music boxes, greetings cards prints, calendars and more. A wide and yet coherent range with wood and neutral tones, warm browns and yellows and black illustrations. You’ll find sweet characters and stylish details throughout.
All items are made in Europe with an emphasis on natural materials – whether it be wooden wall art made of sustainable bamboo, organic cotton blankets or canvas bags.

About the designer

Ted&Tone is the creation of Dutch mama of 3 Esther. Now living in Belgium, as her children grew, this illustrator, pattern lover and creator of a successful brand for young children dreamed of a range that would appeal to both young and old. Playful pieces with that would sit beautifully in a ‘grown-up’ kitchen, cushions that could grace the sofa as well as a nursery. Posters and mobiles that would be loved equally by eyes old and young. Her heartfelt wish comes true with her latest creation Ted&Tone

Favorite Products

or pencils and crayons at

all purpose bags

to keep you cozy

blankets and cushions

embroidery deco

creating a life long lasting treasure
piece as time will pass by

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