about swedish linens

‘Cause if they sleep – you sleep

’Your kids. Your health. Your sleep. Our planet. All equally important, right?

If a Good Night’s Sleep doesn’t make it onto your list- think again. Just ask yourself what is worse than a tired and cranky child. That’s right- It’s a tired and cranky parent. We love our kids to the moon and back, but the key to surviving parenthood is- sleep.Our goal is to help our customers sleep better at night by giving them premium quality bed sheets with the least impact on our planet.

Why do we only make sheets?

We tend to invest so much money in bedding sets and forget what’s most important – the base.The sheet is often underrated and is not carefully chosen- which is a shame, considering the amount of time our skin comes in contact with it. We’re on a mission to bring the sheet the attention it deserves!We are big believers in percale, and believe that our kids deserve the same quality that we’d want for our own bedding. Percale sheets has so much to offer- they are durable and breathable, they are mite repellant and hypoallergenic thanks to their tightly woven structure- and they feel great next to your- and your little ones’ skin.

Let the bed breathe

Do you know what is the best way to make the bed in the morning? un-make it!By pulling off the duvet cover you allow air to freshen up your sheet and mattress, resulting in a cleaner bed and a healthier sleeping environment. You also increase the lifespan of your bedding – win, win.

about the designer

The brand Swedish Linens was founded by textile designer Hannah Johnsén, a formerly sleep deprived mother to two young sons.

By combining Scandinavian aesthetics with Japanese elements Hannah created her own unique style featuring simple and clean hand drawn lines and shapes- in beautiful bold colours. Hannah’s goal is to elevate the status of the sheet and make it into the focal
point of the room, and an important part of the interior design of the room.

Hannah truly hopes her designs spark joy and creativity, and inspire parents to add character and personality to the bedroom. She does not want to dictate a specific look but encourages customers to be playful with the styling and make the sheets into their own, so that no room looks the same.

Besides sleep and design Hannah is also passionate about the environment and the slow living movement. She encourages customers to rethink their consumption habits by creating sheets that will last for many years and design that will never go out of fashion.

Her heart keeps on making an extra beat whenever happy customers share positive feedback on the impact Swedish Linens’ percale sheets made on their lives. Not only on sleep quality but also how they have lifted up the total ambiance of the room! Swedish Linens
proudly invites you to get your dose of inspiration by taking a peek at their Instagram feed where all those amazing stories are posted.