• Flexible, Durable and WaterproofCan be used on any surface, inside or outside
  • Add and expand your road by purchasing additional sets
  • Easy to connect parts (now even better then before)
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Great to combine with other (open-ended) toys
  • Made in Holland
  • Easy cleaning

We are Waytoplay

Family founded and run since 2014.
We believe in creativity, imagination, care and connection.

These premium quality toys are designed for ages 3 to 12 and sold worldwide to more than half a million young families and conscious buyers since the introduction.

It’s been a great road trip so far!

All season toys

The Waytoplay road-parts are suitable for all surfaces. This makes it the perfect indoor and outdoor toy and therefore for all seasons.

In the winter through the snow with a small snowplow, or grab your dump truck and collect all the loose leaves in the fall.

Easily take the road-parts with you to a day at the beach, lightweight and easy to clean. Fill the holes in your holiday-suitcase with the road-parts, they are flexible, so it will certainly fit.

PS. don’t forget to bring the cars

Wooden display included 44 products and demo play set.

€1300 incl transport costs.

In store Presentation

Waytoplay’s renewed packaging is a display in itself. Each package contains beautiful images and clearly shows what Waytoplay means and what you can do with it.

Waytoplay offers an in-store wooden display of 120 cm high, including a game table for a demo course. The display is equipped with enough shelves to hold the entire Waytoplay Large Store Pack.

Waytoplay has put together standard Store Packs for reordering. These include an attractive discount.

New packaging

Waytoplay’s packaging has been adjusted.
The colors are bright and therefore even more visible in your store. The selling points and the beautiful images are of course also there.
On the inside of the packaging you will find more information about where and how you can play with Waytoplay and how you can maintain the track parts.

Check the video for more details.

Waytoplay products

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