Way to Play

Waytoplay is the original flexible toy road. Dutch design, made in Europe. For a lifetime of creative fun!

The brand

WaytoPlay is a Dutch brand which produces flexible road parts made from PVC. These road parts can be used on almost any surface, inside and outside. The brand also offers wooden cars to accompany the sets.

The roadparts come in a variety of sets, which differ from eachother in amount of roadparts included in the box. Available sizes are 12 parts, 16, 24, and 40. Besides the roadparts, the cars are now available in five colors: woody, blue, red, orange and yellow. The packaging resembles the color included.

    Available sizes:

  • Ringroad 12 parts
  • Expressway 16 parts
  • Highway 24 parts
  • King of the Road 40 parts

Durable and Highest Quality

The road parts are made of the highest quality flexible PVC, which is sourced in Europe. The material is BPA, cadmium, PAH, lead and Phthalates free, and is safe for those with an allergy of silicon. They product is made and printed in The Netherlands, and is compliant with the necessary Toy Test Norms in Europe, USA, Japan, and China (EN71, Reach and CCC).

’Cars now available in 5 colors’


  • Flexible, durable road toy and waterproof
  • Add and expand your road by purchasing additional sets
  • Can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside
  • Easy to connect parts
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Great to combine with other toys

In-store presentation tips&tricks

Each packaging features 3 different images of inside and outside use of the WaytoPlay tracks. Allowing to easily showcase the different possibilities of the product.
WaytoPlay offers an instore wooden display, measuring 140 cm in height and a 80 x 60 cm play table. The display is fitted with 14 shelves that can hold the entire WaytoPlay Large Store Pack.

‘Wooden in-store display available’

New features of the packaging

  • Use the packaging two-sidedto display waytoplay toys at itbest.
  • Each product has three unique images on its reverse side.
  • Brighter colors.
  • Connectivity showed on the key-image.


To help you get the best start with WaytoPlay products, the brand offers a store pack, which contains a variety of their products, featuring more of the bestsellers for optimal sales result. These sets are offered with a price advantage and free of charge demo kits.
Content: Combination of thirty-eight road sets and extension sets plus two free demo kits to display the flexible toy road in your shop. You get the best-selling product mix for your larger sized toy shop. The retail value of the pack is 1.668 euro.