The Brand

Nifty (formerly Invented 4 Kids) is a Dutch brand that now has a presence in 8 countries. The inventor Guus Welling founded the company in 2014.
Nifty creates and develops baby products that are always a little different, not least for their sustainability and outstanding quality.
Nifty wants to make life a bit easier for young parents. With baby products that are useful, safe and cute.

Handsfree Bathcape

The heavily weighted animal leg keeps the cape hanging over the shoulder. This ensures that the parent stays dry and has both hands free to wrap the baby easily and quickly after having finished bathing.

Baby Shower Glove

The Nifty Baby Shower Glove it moulds itself to the skin when wet, and gives better grip while showering with a slippery baby.

Baby Shower Glove:

  • For better grip while showering with a slippery baby
  • Close-fitting shape and stretch fabric
  • Suitable for both left and right hand
  • Made of high-quality organic cotton
  • A very popular and affordable newborn gift!
  • Design based on marine animals
  • Available in 6 colors


The design of the Baby Shower Glove is based on marine animals. There are 2 beavers availabe; a green and a pink beaver, 2 bears; brown and a green, and 2 seals; a grey and caramel seal. To complete this range of colors there was need for a ‘simple’ white glove. Logical choice of animals was of course to add a white polar bear, so this is now the latest adition to the shower glove family.

‘New! Baby Shower Glove – White Polar Bear’

Handsfree Bathcape

  • High-quality organic cotton
  • Heavily weighted animal leg keeps the cape hanging over the shoulder
  • Parents stay dry and have both hands free
  • Inspired on animals that like to ‘hang’ in the wild. Available in Koala, Monkey and Panda.