We are Mini Coco

Nurture your little explorer’s curiosity with Mini Coco:
Products designed to spark their senses, tailored to your child’s interests and developmental journey for playful discoveries!

Flash Cards

Imaginative black and white flash cards specially designed for the tiniest ones. Newborns can only see up to 30cm and, besides their parents’ faces, they are most fascinated by high-contrast images, shapes, and patterns. The cards are made of sturdy cardboard.

An added bonus is that all three themes on the back come with a fun activity. You can learn counting with the farm theme, recognize colors with the ocean, and spot the three differences with the safari.

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Flash Cards


Learn to count


Spot the differences

High Contrast

High Contrast Especially in black-and-white patterns, is considered important for stimulating and helping babies develop visually.
Here are some reasons why high contrast can be beneficial:

Visual Focus: Getting Babies Attention Newborn babies have limited eyesight and can see high-contrast patterns best. Black and white patterns are simple and easy to focus on.
Visual Development: Building Babies Eyesight A babies vision is still developing. By exposing them to contrasting patterns, it’s believed to help their visual skills come along. It helps build connections between their eyes and brains.
Keeping Attention: Keeping Babies Interested High contrast patterns grabs a babies attention. It can help them concentrate on what they’re looking at and possibly extend their attention span.
Sensory Stimulation: Tickling Babies Senses Visual stimulation is a part of the overall sensory stimulation that babies need for healthy development. High contrast contributes to this stimulation.
Easy Perception: Simple and Fun Babies tend to find it easier to notice simple visual patterns rather than complex ones. High contrast, like black and white patterns, offers this simplicity.

However, while high contrast is helpful, babies also benefit from a variety of visual stimulation as they get older. Gradually, they develop their ability to see colors and more intricate patterns.


We like to travel the world with Mini Coco, so that is why all the Mini Coco products will be available in 4 languages.

– English
– Français
– Deutsch
– Nederlands

Meet our designer

We’ve partnered with the young artist Dalí Speelman for our product line. At just 6 years old, she has a deep passion for drawing. Several times a week, she works with her art teacher to bring her creativity to life on paper. She already uses a diverse set of techniques, creating a clear storyline with every artwork. We are astonished by her artistic abilities at this young age because her imaginative touches infuse each animal with its own unique personality. A child’s imagination not only appeals to other children but captivates us as well!

Be aware of the world around us

At MINI COCO, we are committed to creating sustainable products that have a positive impact on the world around us. We only use high-quality materials that are safe for children to play with and use. It’s important for us to contribute to the growth and development of children while working towards a better future for all of us.