Almost 6 years ago Mies&co started a sophisticated baby lifestyle brand in the Netherlands. From the first start, this high quality brand was picked up by influencers, lifestyle & design magazines and well known retail stores in the Netherlands.

‘Baby lifestyle brand`             
      of the Netherlands’

Mies&co makes very conscious choices when it comes to its designs. It is important that you can create your own style in your baby’s bedroom. Because when you feel good in this space, your baby does as well. The brand created a mix within its collection that all fit together. You can pick and combine prints that fit your unique style. You can choose a more sophisticated style, go for bold & daring, or make it sweet & refined. Whatever your choice is, you can never go wrong.

‘Create your own style in your baby’s bedroom’

This does not only hold for the printed collection, but also for the uni collection. Mies&co embraces that feeling comfortable as a new parent, can be supported by a beautiful environment. Therefore, the richness of the uni collection has been chosen very carefully. Structures, soft touch, multiple layers and a beautiful range of colors.

In the collection you can find your own style and all products match. This way you can buy everything for the nursery together at once.


Lifestyle collection

  • Soft Teddy Blankets
  • Soft Mousseline Blankets
  • Knitted Blankets
  • Honeycomb Blankets
  • Soft Sheets
  • Fitted Sheets
  • Swaddles
  • Play Blankets
  • Footmuffs
  • Summer Sleeping Bags
  • Winter Sleeping Bags
  • Changing Mat Covers
  • Bathcapes
  • Cuddles
  • Hairribbons

Fashion collection

  • Bodysuits
  • Short sleeves
  • Bodysuit (with print)
  • Wrap bodysuit (with print)
  • Collar bodysuit (with print)
  • Bodysuit (uni)
  • Long sleeves
  • Wrap bodysuit (with print)
  • Collar bodysuit (with print)
  • Leggings (with print)


We always go for the highest quality
For Mies&co, the high standards for fabrics are always number one. Therefore, all certificated textile products, soft touch & richness of materials come perfectly together. As we search for the best qualities, we don’t settle for less.

To outstand one example of our collection, our fitted sheets are made of 230 grams strong jersey with elastin. With the high corners you are flexible to use them over thick matrasses, the prints will stay in form and you can use them for a lifelong time. This way you have a quality and sustainable purchase.

Moreover, we recently launched our fashion collection that is fully organic.
We design new collections every year, yet never out of stock. They embrace the fact that with Mies&co a consumer can buy their whole trousseau at once in their own unique style.

Mies&co will continue to develop into an elegant vintage-style brand, with a clear and distinctive collection. Because of this all products can always be mixed and matched together thourough the collections, and a typical Mies&co style will always remain. This year, Mies&co will also aim to produce as much organic as possible.

Each year Mies&co will work with multiple small collections. This way, the customer will always have the possibility and a reason to discover something new from Mies&co!

For 2022 there have been developed 4 themes which will be delivered in 6 drops thourough the year.

Themes ‘22


That is how we see the Mies&co mum. Inspired on her style we developed beautiful and strong prints


From the nature we derive our freedom and therefore our inspiration


Soft, sweet and elegant designs for summerbabies


Inspired by Scandinavian winters we prepare for a classic winter collection

Instore presentation tips&tricks

The best way to present Mies&co in your store is to mix and match the products and prints amongst each oter, instead of making piles of the same product in the same color/print. This reflects the idea of the brand best, and allows a customer to get inspired. The following styleguides can help to create differents settings and unique moods.