About Cubika

The wooden toy brand “Cubika” was founded in 2015. Since then, the company has been unparalleled and has become a leader in the Ukrainian wooden toy market.

Their Wood comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC), the Carpathians.
Due to the remote location of the industrial factories, pollution in the region is low.
The forests from which they source the wood are sustainably managed.
Moreover, as their factory is also located in the Carpathian region, can they avoid unnecessary wasteful transport of wood, giving them a lower ecological footprint.


Open ended play | Pyramids

Wooden Pyramid

Flexible tower LD-9

Tower LD-10

Set of towers LD-13

Open ended play | Construction

Wooden blocks construction kit 2

Wooden Mozaik
pixel 3

Wooden Mozaik
pixel 4

Wooden Mozaik
pixel 2

Other toys

Wooden Xylophone

Wooden construction watch

Wooden fishing game

Wooden toy
crane truck


Wood comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC). Their wood comes from the Carpathians Mountains. Owing to its distant locations from the industrial factories, the level of pollution in the region is low. The forests, from which they get the wood, are sustainably managed. To prove that they have an FSC certificate. Furthermore, since their factory is also located in the Carpathians region, it allows them to avoid unnecessary wasteful transportation of wood, leaving lower carbon footprint.

100% organic wood

Some companies claim that they produce wooden toys, when in the reality the actual content of their toys is a mix of different cheaper elements and wood is a tiny fraction of that mix. They, however, decided to exclusively use wood.

German organic water-based paints

Water-based paints are completely safe for kids. Moreover, such paints are sustainable, since using water as the solvent saves a lot of resources.

Ideally polished

Sanding ensures that the pores of the wood opens, the surface is enlarged and the wood fibers are removed. This allows the wood to absorbs the paint properly and create a better quality finish.
Polishing makes the wood feel soft and there are no sharp edges, making it safe for children.