Candylab is an American brand, based in Brooklyn New York. Born on a 21st century crowdfunding platform, and currently sold around the world, Europe to Canada and Australia to the Middle East.

Its mission is to make the absolute best wooden toy vehicles on the market. Core principles of the company are that they believe in extensive use of natural materials, unique craftsmanship, and that great design should be attainable, and not reserved to luxury status. 

Unlike other toy brands around the world, Candylab sets itselves apart in one major way: they are firmly believing that wood as a natural, renewable resource can be just as versatile as plastic when it comes to building engaging and attractive toys. The brands mission is to make wooden toys better than plastic ones, with zero compromises.

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The cute and tiny line! These are 3″ – 5″ wooden diecasts.
Small enough for a 3 year old to get a good grip on.

From smallest to largest:
Food Trucks & Vans – 3.25″ | 8.2 cm
Sedans & Wagons – 3.5″ | 8.9 cm
RV’s Olympic Style – 4″ | 10.1 cm
School Bus – 5.25″ | 13.3 cm
Banana – 6″ | 15.2 cm

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The classic large blocky line! These are 5.5″ – 8.5″ solid beech wood cars. They have weight in your hand and will roll with authority.

From smallest to largest:
Beach Buses – 5.5″ | 14 cm
Banana – 6″ | 15.2 cm
Cotswold/Pioneer – 6.25″ | 15.8 cm
Racers – 7″ | 17.7 cm
Big Trucks – 8.5″ | 21.6 cm

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The wooden carchitecture! STAC is the supporting line of buildings and structures for both the CANDYCAR® & AMERICANA™ lines. Currently the only STAC product scaled for AMERICANA™ is the Malibu Beach Tower, all others are sized to work with CANDYCAR®.

Malibu Beach Tower – 11″ | 33 cm

Banana – 6″ | 15.2 cm
Santa Monica – 9″ | 22.8 cm
Food Shacks – 10″ | 25.4 cm
Lone Cactus Motel – 16″ | 40.6 cm
Parking Garage – 24″ | 60cm

As display material

The cars themselves are great as display material. They can be used to play with, but certenly also as room-decor. Thanks to their retro 60’s style they can uplift other items in your store offering this same style, thus the products enhance each other.

Combine ‘m with WaytoPlay Toys

Offering and presenting a complementary product like WaytoPlay helps selling the product (for both brands actually).


Packaging is selling

Candylab Toys puts great effort in its stylish packaging. It resembles the retro style of the 60’s and the product inside. Use the packaging to present the product in your store as it presents the authentic Candylab style.

On this moment, the Candyvans and in particular the Food trucks, are Candylabs contemporary bestsellers. Leading sales is the Ice Cream truck, closely followed by the Donut-, Hotdog- and Taco Trucks.

Second cars in line for bestseller are the City Vehicles. Starting with the Candycar Police, followed by the Red- and Blue Racer, Ambulance and the Taxi.

No. 1 bestseller: Food Trucks

No. 2 bestseller: City Vehicles