Abel Wooden Toys

Abel | the brand

Brothers Folko and Jelmer are driven by a desire to make life an adventure. Discover new things. Push boundaries. With Abel they aim to help children with growth and development, while having fun. Abel’s Wooden Blocks and Play Tent offer endless possibilities, stimulating open-end play.

Abel blocks | building blocks

The unique shape and the impressive format of the blocks ensure that everything you build with the Abel blocks immediately looks quite beautiful. Discover the creative possibilities of the Blocks; building towers, creating surprising figures and exciting balance games are possible. If you want to expand the set, you can easily do this with one of the other sets. The sets come in a beautiful wooden box. Abel Blocks can be greatly used to advance fine motor skills, concentration, perseverance, creativity and fantasy. It is also fantastic game material to teach children to work together. Abel blocks comes in 3 different sets.

Abel tent | play tent

Abel tents are modular. The advice is to start with the Abel 1.  This set is perfect for young explorers and children who want to get to know Abel. The tent can be endlessly extended by adding other tents.

Abel blocks

  • Blocks 12
  • Blocks 24
  • Blocks 75

Abel tent

  • Tent 1; 5 large triangle sheets, and 1 tent post make this set easy to use.
  • Tent 2; This set has 2 tent posts, and fabric sheets in 2 different shapes.
  • Tent 3; 3 tent posts and 9 fabric sheets of different shapes and sizes

Abel | USP’s:

  • Open-end play
  • Use Abel Blocks to advance fine motor skills
  • Advance concentration
  • Advance perseverance
  • Advance creativity and fantasy
  • Teach how to work together