The Brand

Nifty (formerly Invented 4 Kids) is a Dutch brand that now has a presence in 8 countries. The inventor Guus Welling founded the company in 2014.

Nifty creates and develops baby products that are always a little different, not least for their sustainability and outstanding quality.

Nifty wants to make life a bit easier for young parents. With baby products that are useful, safe and cute.

NEW 2 in 1 Bathcape

Warm terry cloth combined with soft hydrophilic fabric. 

The 2-in-1 bathcape of 100x100cm works the same as a standard toweling bathcape, but with an extra handy element. The bathcape contains two hydrophilic ‘pockets’ in which you can put your hands. This allows you to thoroughly dry the skin between the skin folds while your baby stays nice and warm thanks to the terry cloth.

Available in 3 colors:

Baby Shower Glove

The Original Baby Shower Glove! This shower glove ensures that showering with your baby becomes a lot more relaxed thanks to better grip.

The baby shower glove is made of a special terry cloth that “sticks” to your arm when the shower glove gets wet. The long washcloth covers your entire fore arm, so you have a better grip on your baby with your entire arm.

The shower washcloth is suitable for both your left and right arm, you only have to turn it around. In addition, the baby shower glove fits everyone.

Available in 7 colors

Handsfree Bathcape

The hands-free bathcape of 100x100cm contains an animal leg with Velcro with which you can hang the cape. 

Thanks to the Velcro, the hooded towel is easy to put on and take off. The animal leg keeps the bathcape neatly in place, which means that the large bathcape covers you while bathing. This keeps you dry despite your baby’s splashing while bathing. In addition, you have both hands free to support your baby and to easily wrap them warmly in the towel cape. Just like the 2-in-1 hooded towel, the hands-free hooded towel also has a hood and a loop for hanging the towel cape.


Available in 7 colors


A washcloth that fits perfectly on your hand. Almost all washcloths are rectangular, but ours are round and therefore have a nice connection to your hand. This makes the children’s washcloths distinctive from other washcloths.

You can wear the wash hand on both the left and right side. Moreover, the washing hand fits every hand. There is also a small loop on the washcloth with which you can hang the washcloth.

Washcloths for children are indispensable in the bathroom. As long as you’re bathing your kids, washcloths will come in handy. That’s why our washcloths are not only handy, but also fun!

Available in 7 colors


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