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dusq was born out of friendship. In the quiet hours of dusq, the founders, both with years of business experience, both new mothers, fantasised about beautiful, innovative products for young families. Soon their dreams grew into the creation of a new, full-fledged brand, which not only values functionality and ethics but also the aesthetics of a product.

The brand creates clever and durable things that the founders themselves would also like to use. Their approach is personal and professional. It is that combination that ensured that dusq qualities were already in place before it was officially launched in 2018.

After suffering a hard time during to the corona crisis, which had unfortunately led to a bankruptcy, dusq has managed to make a restart with Maiko, owner of Kidzpiration.

love, Maiko & Louise


dusq is a sustainable brand for young families. At dusq, we believe in lasting memories. That is why we make products that grow with you, ideally for a lifetime.

We believe in reliability. That is why we use strong and honest materials.
We believe in the power of family. That is why we work with people we know, during working hours and beyond.

At dusq, we design for the whole family, with respect for people and nature. That is why we are constantly looking for innovative designs that are not only practical and sustainable, but also contemporary yet timeless. Only by working in this way, can we make the best products, for now and for the future.


cycle pet

The canvas used in our products is made from recycled PET, a petroleum-based raw material that is used in plastic bottles and plastic packaging around the world.  By reusing it, we ensure that it does not disappear into the oceans.

cotton blend

Our cotton blend consists of 60% GOTS certified organic cotton, 29% hemp and 11% recycled polyester. This strong material is perfect for lining our bags, while being soft enough for your child’s delicate skin. The fabric supplier is not only GOTS certified but also Oekotex Standard 100 certified.

vegetable tanned leather

Our high quality eco leather is tanned and coloured without the use of harmful chemicals such as chromium, heavy metals and formaldehyde. Our manufacturers in Portugal buy the leather from the Portuguese supplier Carvalhos. The hides come from Iberian cows and are processed according to a strict animal welfare policy with as much respect for nature as possible. This means:

  • less CO2 emissions occur during transport
  • less water is used during the tanning process
  • less waste is left over during the tanning process
  • all green waste is reused during the tanning process
  • the hides are dried naturally at an ambient temperature
  • the use of heavy metals is eliminated by using a water-based leather finish, and by metal-free pigments and anilines
wool blend

This material is a blend of wool (90%) and polyester (10%) for our woollen First step shoes. The wool we use comes from sheep that graze on green pastures in the UK and New Zealand for their entire lives. Wool is one of our favourite natural materials: soft, warm and durable. Wool does not irritate the skin, and it has a moisture regulating effect. Our Italian supplier only buys certified mulesing-free wool and is affiliated with 4sustainablity.it to develop sustainability within their supply chain.

Vorige slide
Volgende slide

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