Abel | the brand

The Dutch brothers Folko and Jelmer who embarked on a heartfelt journey in 2016 with a simple idea: 

“to create toys that ignite sparks of creativity and bring joy to children and adults alike”

The mission of Abel is to inspire creativity across the globe.
They believe in the transformative power of play, allowing imaginations to soar and new ideas to blossom.

The commitment of Abel to sustainability is deeply ingrained in every aspect of what they do. From using FSC-certified beechwood to fostering safe and healthy working conditions, They strive to create toys that are not only kind to the environment but also empower communities. For Abel, it’s all about treating our planet and its people with love and respect.

Welcome to ABEL!

These mini’s are composed of 80% wood from pruning waste and 20% of a natural and recycled binding material, making them environmentally friendly. They are a high-quality product offered at an attractive price.
They can be purchased in sets of 12, 24, or 72 pieces. 

Abel rewood verpakking 12
Abel rewood 12
Abel rewood verpakking 24
Abel rewood 24
Abel rewood verpakking 72
Abel rewood 72

The unique shape and the impressive format of the blocks ensure that everything you build with the Abel blocks immediately looks quite beautiful. Discover the creative possibilities of the Blocks; building towers, creating surprising figures and exciting balance games are possible. If you want to expand the set, you can easily do this with one of the other sets. Abel Blocks can be greatly used to advance fine motor skills, concentration, perseverance, creativity and fantasy. It is also fantastic game material to teach children to work together. Abel blocks comes in 3 different sets.

Abel blocks 12
abel blocks 12
Abel blocks 24
abel blocks 24
Abel blocks 72
Abel blocks 72

The Abel block Mini are the smallest brother of the Abel blocks. They match perfectly together Create beautiful mandalas, towers or some flatlays. It’s all possible with this set. You can easily expand the set with one of the other sets. The Mini’s are all the same size, are lightweight and therefore easy to send through the letterbox.

abel blocks mini 12
abel blocks mini 12
abel blocks mini 36
abel blocks mini 36
abel blocks mini 66
abel blocks mini 66
abel blocks mini 300
abel blocks mini 300 tekst

The Golden Ratio forms a spiral that can be found all over in nature. These magical proportions and curves allow you to reflect the beauty of nature while playing around with the Golden Ratio blocks.

These cute little blocks come in four different sizes. The largest block of this set is our beloved Abel Block mini. As a separate set, these sets give a lot of fun and they can be perfectly combined with the mini sets.

abel golden ratio 24
abel golden ratio 48
abel golden ratio 96

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